10 Signs he wants you

Lets discuss the tell tell signs of him into you.

Article by Debashre Cchanda & Posted by Onestare on November 15, 2019

It’s really difficult and frustrating if you don’t know if your crush likes you or not. A simple smile might look like an invitation, but a wrong move here, might make you look desperate. However, you never know he might really be into you and might be seeking an opportunity to speak to you and call you out for a date. How to keep things rolling, right? Well, first let’s get to know whether he really likes you or is your mind just playing games with you. Here are 10 signs that he might actually be interested in you.

1.He looks at you often

The guy who likes you will have his eyes all for you. He would be observing you and would like to watch your every move. Try to see if that’s the case from the corner of your eye. If you look at him directly, he might turn his face away, but that’s because he is shy or finds it awkward to look straight up. If he is observing you, then probably he is interested.

2.He calls you up

Does he have your phone number? Then he should be making calls or pining you in WhatsApp or social media. Some guys prefer talking over text than directly talking on your face. Talking over text is comfortable, especially if he is an introvert.

3.He tries to get to know more about you

If he likes you, he will try to get to know more about you and your family. He would be interested to know about your friends, family and also what you do in your free time. In fact, he would be interested in every detail. Men are not interested in details, especially if you are just a friend. But if you are something more than a friend, then they would like to know endlessly about you.

4.He doesn’t interrupt when you speak

A guy who wants to impress you will let you talk more and will keep the communication going. If he doesn’t interrupt when you speak, then it’s a good chance that he really likes you and wants you to be comfortable with him as well.

5.He advises you

If you are doing something wrong, then this person is going to come to stop you from making the mistake. Yes, when a guy is interested in you, he will advise you and help you out whenever you get into trouble.This is a sign that he likes you genuinely and maybe you are more than just a fling for him.

6.He asks about your boyfriend

Does he ask about your personal life? Does he want to know whether you have a boyfriend or not? a man who is interested in you will want to know whether you are already in a committed relationship or not. Your single status would be a green signal for him to approach you for a relationship. At times, he might not ask directly, but try to get the details from your friends.

7.He wants to be in your good-books

A man who likes you will never want you to think that he is the bad guy. He will do anything to be a good guy for you. He would help others, he would soften his language in front of you and probably do anything under the sun, so that you find him to be a ‘good person’.

8.He compliments you

If you are showered with compliments from every corner by this man, then take it up, as if he likes you a lot. Yes, men shy away from giving compliments to random strangers, but if at all you have received one or two compliments in a week, then it’s a clear signal that he has the hots for you.

9.He never argues with you

A person arguing with you would surely be in your bad books. That’s how the human mind functions. No one likes arguing and this man is certainly not going to make the fatal mistake of arguing with you. He would be a ‘YES’ man for you always. This is a sign that he wants you to trust him with all your secrets. It’s a tactic to be your close confidant.

10.He is always available for you

Last, but not the least. If a man likes you, he would be available for you whenever he can. If you call him, he will attend calls and if he’s busy, he won’t waste any time to call you back again. That shows his interest and inclination towards you.

Well, although these are the top 10 signs that he likes you, but still you should get the three words out of his mouth. The three lovely confirmation words will seal the deal. A man who likes you, wants you for sure and if he wants you, then probably he wants a relationship with you. However, take things slow and don’t jump to conclusions. Be cool, act smart and give him a chance to be your friend – he will get your cues and will catch up soon!

All the best!

This article is contributed by Debashre Cchanda

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