Best way to propose to your crush.

Quick guide line to help you succceed

Posted by Onestare on June 24, 2019

So you have got a Crush ?? Congratulations now you have started to accept your feeling for the other person. You might be wondering what's the best way to talk(if you haven't already) or propose to your crush. Their are many ways to do just that. It could from an online conversation to in person "Hi, would you fancy a cup of coffee at CCD tonight ?".

There is no easy way to do it( one cheat code I will share at the end). You will have to put yourself on the line for this and yes you might even get rejected. This is a risky moment in one's life no matter what anyone else tells you. You could risk loosing your friendship al together as well. But Youve to show some courage for this one. Especially if you are a girl. Girls don't usually take the lead when it comes to courtship. Guys on the other hand might also feel a huge rush of overwhelming emotions while making their move. No matter what, you need to get this one handled otherwise you know that you will be suffering from some uncontrollable emotions (sort of) .

For starters go slowly with this one. If the other person is your colleague or classmate or someone in your social circle chances are that they are not going anywhere soon and you will likely to see this person a lot of time , so take things slowly. Start off with just dropping some hints that you might be very interested in them. This is the first thing that you need to do before you do anything.

If you have known this person for a long time then chances are that they might take it very casually. So you need to do something else as well. Here come step 2, here you need to let him/ her know that you might be considering them as your partner. So in order to do that you needed to break the Barrier of Touch. Yes you NEED TO DO THIS!! This is the only way to them the feel that you are serious about them ( kind of ). Kinosthetics is the way to go. But don't be creepy about it and please don't overdo it. You need to make them feel very comfortable about this, make them feel you guys are having a lot of fun together.

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Best way to propose to your crush

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