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what is Tanushree Dutta game

What is Tanushree Dutta Online Game?

Tanushree Dutta game is an informative game that teaches people how to have a fun conversation with the other person that they are interested in. In this game we also feature Random Tanushree Dutta images that pop up eveytime you hit show more. We recommend you to use these lines when you feel that your conversation is not going anywhere and use these as often as possible. Most of the time specially in the beginning of any relationship we try to impress the other person with our sense of humor and try to gain and hold their attention as much as possible. Let's be honest the first few impression of you matters in any relation. You do something wrong in the beginning and the rest will be history.We understand that people are not always at our best mood and can crack jokes on command. Moreover creative ideas do not come all the time, it takes a lot of time and thinking to come up with something thats really funny and creative and something that both men and women of all ages can relate to.This is the reason we have made a random pickup line generator that you can use any time and anywhere to quickly gain some attention and stand out from rest of the guys/girls.This is a very effective way to light up any conversation at any point in time. These are all tried and tested lines that works almost all the time without fail. Tanushree Dutta online games help you to become more confident around Girls/Boys and build that image that you always wanted, a fun and adventurous person with a great sense of humor. We recommend you to use as often as possible in your daily life to make boring conversation fun.

who is Tanushree Dutta

Who is Tanushree Dutta?

Tanushree Dutta Game features the Bollywood celebrity Tanushree Dutta who is an Indian model and actress who primarily appears in Bollywood movies. Dutta is the recipient of Femina Miss India Universe title in 2004. During the same year at the Miss Universe beauty pageant, she was among the top ten finalists. She has also casted in few bollywood movies such Aashiq Banaya Aapne,Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets, Dhol etc. She has started the #Meetoo movement in Bollywood after she spoke about her sexual harassment by Nana Patekar. She is leading the Meetoo movemnt in India now.

The Reason behind this Tanushree Dutta Game ...

reason of Tanushree Dutta game

Why do we freeze up during our conversation with someone special?

When we give a lot of value to the other person our brain thinks that this person is very important for our survival and or replication. For this reason it continuously tries to do things that will decrease the chances of us from being rejected. All our brain does is not to get rejected or loose attention from the other person. In short you are always in a stressed state and your mind cannot access the fun fun and care free part of your personality that other people will like yo for. You are always trying to save this situation by being nice and very friendly, such as offering to buy them a drink or food etc. Meanwhile you are placing this person on a pedestal and you are looking for validation from the other person hence forth real connection do not take palce. It takes a lot of practice to present your carefree, fun side in situations like this. To avoid these situations you need to memorize some lines which you can use to spice up the conversation or even use the to begin the conversation. These line has been in use for over a decad and tends to work best in a bar or night club situation. But you ca use them anywhere for example while chatting to a new friend on Facebook, Instagram or in a face to face conversation with you someone special.Even though these pick up lines might e considered as cheesy or some may call them as cheesy pickup lines or maybe desi pickup lines but in reality when you freeze up in any conversation these lines help you the most rather than any original idea. Trust me this lines could save your back.

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