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OneStare helps you meet Cute Men & Women that you see in Malls, Events & Clubs.

Our 5 steps process helps to meet nearby people in Real Life !

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f              in Find us on helps you meet and hangout with the people you like. Get to meet the person from all social media website through Onestare. Just invite them to onestare and ask them to update their Hangout.

If you would like to connect with new and interesting people Onestare also takes care of that as well, with our 5 step process you can connect with people that you saw in Malls, Clubs, Bars etc.

Besides Onestare also helps you meet your crush in Real Life !!


Step 1
  Sign Up and create your 3D profile.
Step 2
Enter your Hangout Location.

Step 3
Search for a venue that you are going to visit.
Step 4
See all the fun people coming at the venue.
Step 5
Visit location, look for the person and talk to them.

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What is onestare

Onestare is a 3d social network that helps you to meet new and Interesting People in and near you in your city in - Real Life!!

How to use onestare

Onestare helps you to meet the people you see in Malls, Bars , Restaurants , Club, Events, Shows etc. With our 5 steps process you can get to know the people who will be going to a certain venue at a certain time and whether they are willing to meet new people like you.

How to Hangout with your Real Life Crush using onestare

We have all been there for months and years where we fancy certain people in our schools or colleges but never get to say hi to sit down and have a coffee with them. At onestare we try to solve this big problem by em-powering you to get a step closer to your crush. All you have to do is to invite them on to onestare and ask them to update their profile. By this you can get to know about their romantic life and get a chance to meet them outside the regular premises, like in a Mall, Bar or some hangout places around the city.

Something for the Influencers

Meet & Greet events: Onestare also brings a simple an easy way for influencers to arrange meet and greet events. Ask all your followers to connect with you on and keep on updating your hangouts on a weekly basis for your coonetions to know where you will be coming in the future. Onestare makes it very easy for the influencers to connect with your fans and followers in Real Life.

Fun games:

Scarlett Johansson Text Game, Priyanka Text Game , Katrina Text Game, Alia , SRK Game, Salman Khan Game, Tanushree Game, Rachel Game, Garyvee Quote Game .

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